Welcome to H. S. High School, Sri Muktsar Sahib


Our aims to provide a spectrum of brand and balanced education, which not only prepares the students for the Public Examinations but also gives young people the confidence to achieve success in their adult life.

The Faculty:-

The degree of excellence of the institution reveals through its faculty. The school is directed by a competent, capable and creative Principal having more than 25 years experience in academic sphere. The school has well qualified, trained and experienced teachers. To acquaint with new techniques, seminar and teacher workshops are organized to the faculty from time to time.

Assessment Evaluation & Promotion Criteria:-

The academic year is divided into two terms i.e. April to September and October to March. There is an examination at the end of each term and a progress report is issued. There is one round of unit test for each term as per schedule given in the diary which is counted for the promotion.

Examination will be based on Comprehensive Continuous Evaluation (prescribed by C.B.S.E.), regular formative and summative test. It means regularity of assessment, frequency of unit testing, diagnosis of learning gaps, use of corrective measures, retesting and feed back of evidence to teachers and students for their self evaluation. Promotion is based on the day to day work of the students throughout the year and also on the performance in the terminal examination.

Examination Criteria:-

FA1 (April,May) -10%   +  FA2(July,August)-10%  + SA1(September)- 30% = 50%

FA3 (Oct.,Nov.,Dec.) -10% + FA4(Jan.,Feb.)-10%  + SA2(March)- 30%       = 50%



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