Welcome to H. S. High School, Sri Muktsar Sahib


The aim of education is all round development of personality of the students. It should enable the child to experience the three dimensional knowledge-

1.Moral and Cultural     
2.Scientific and Technical
3.Economic and Social
We are living in a dynamic society in which the young minds have an opportunity to explore, identify and develop their personality. 

We work on developing those hidden personality traits rather than injecting or imposing bookish knowledge. The prime motives of the school are as under:-

  • The school aim to provide quality education in relevance of the parents and the community, it works towards a caring, orderly rich environment in which scholars pursue academic excellence and cultivate core values that would help them to become integrated well beings. To provide computer literacy to each child through smart classroom that enables one to be updated by ultra modern technology.

  • To develop them as a good human being by perfect synchronization of physical excellence academic excellence and emotional maturity.

  • The school aim to train the children who are intellectually competent, physically robust, mentally alert, emotionally balanced, spiritually and socially responsible, to able to contribute positively at all levels.


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