Welcome to H. S. High School, Sri Muktsar Sahib


Fee is collected in four quarterly instalments as under:-

  • 1st Quarter  (April to June)                      By 10th of April.

  • 2nd Quarter (July to Sept. )                     By 10th of July.

  • 3rd Quarter  (Oct. to Dec.)                      By 10th of October.

  • 4th  Quarter  (Jan. to March)                   By 10th of January. 

A rebate of Rs.500/- will be given on full payment of the whole year.


To one real brother or sister 25% less on Tuition Fee only.


  • After 10th of the month when payment  is due a   fine of   Rs.50/- will   be charged up to the   last working day. There after the name of the child  will be struck off the rolls and may be re-admitted after clearing all the dues  along with a re-admission fee of Rs.1000/-.
  • Duplicate Transfer Certificate will be issued at nominal charges of  Rs.50/- only along with application form by parents/guardian.
  • Fee once paid will not to be refunded.


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