Welcome to H. S. High School, Sri Muktsar Sahib


The primary school learner is at the most impressionable age and any input at this stage supports learning in later years. It is to be understood that all learner would not acquire all the skills nor are they expected to do so. The objective is to provide a platform for such learning experience so that the learner is empowered with positive out-look for life sense, of self respect and self confidence.

Essentially , the quality standards of any education system must be derived from an informed vision, a policy that fits in the needs of a particular society. Quality in education must ensure understanding what a student wants and providing that consistently and reliably quality education must develop the ability of the student to think logically, analytically and critically to support them to earn an honorable living. 

H.S. High School provides an environment which is rich and whole-some ,. Free from fears & tensions and facilitates the implementation of the play way method.

 In the end I would like to sum up.

 “The distance is nothing , it is only the first step that is difficult.”


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