Welcome to H. S. High School, Sri Muktsar Sahib

  • The students are expected to be regular to the school.

  • In case of absence from school, information in written must be provided without fail duly signed by parent/guardian.

  • In complete session student must have more than 75% attendance.

  • Absence without permission will lead to a fine of Rs5/- per day.

  • Leave in the mid of the school timing may be granted under compassionate ground only by the recombination of concern class teacher & approval of Principal.

  • A student returning to school after infectious disease or prolong illness has to provide a Medical Certificate of Fitness from doctor.

  • If any student fails to attend any examination, it will not be conducted again.

  • Absence for more than ten days without approval leave will render the pupil's name to be struck off, of the school rolls.

  • Late coming and missing classes, what so ever may be the reason, will be against the student.

  • Students should take pride in wearing the proper school uniform and to maintain the school discipline and lead to an ideal disciple.

  • Students must take care of school furniture.


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